De Wit Plastic is an injection-moulding company specialised in mass production of technical high-quality plastic injection-moulding products. We advise and support our clients from the first design up to and including the production and assembly. By doing so, we can take the complete care of the development of a product. Besides providing the technical delivery, we also sell a specialised range of child-proof caps & closures.


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Since Januari 1, 2017 Frans Eijdems has become General Director of De Wit Plastic.

For a cream cheese manufacturer, Else Group has developed a closable piping nozzle for making attractive garnishings in cream cheese. This innovative piping nozzle is hygienic and easy to use, even at low temperatures.


De Wit Plastic has produced a spout and wick holder which provides bees with nourishment during transport from breeder to customer: A plastic bag containing sugar water with a spout and a wick that allows the sugar water to rise by osmosis and the bees to drink it.


The Else Group will, as a subsupplier, make components that will be delivered to the British car manufacturer Jaguar. Producing for the automotive industry requires specific quality standards to be met. The Else Group achieves this.


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