De Wit Plastic has produced a spout and wick holder which provides bees with nourishment during transport from breeder to customer: A plastic bag containing sugar water with a spout and a wick that allows the sugar water to rise by osmosis and the bees to drink it.

Optimal fit
To prevent the wick holder from creeping up and the bag of sugar water from running dry, the assignment was to keep the two round pieces of the spout and the wick holder sufficiently taut and constantly slotted into each other (an optimal fit). The wick holder had to seal the bag tightly. De Wit Plastic first drew up a detailed product design, based on which two multi-use moulds were manufactured. These can be employed to produce large numbers of spouts and wick holders. De Wit Plastic produces components using an advanced hot runner in order to guarantee the desired quality, precision and consistency. The result is a reliable and optimally functioning product created for the lowest possible unit cost price.

Koppert: The market leader in biological crop protection and natural pollination
De Wit Plastic has developed a spout and wick holder for Koppert. The company is the leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert breeds bees in special hives for growers looking for optimum pollination of tomatoes and many other protected and open-field crops.