The Else Group will, as a subsupplier, make components that will be delivered to the British car manufacturer Jaguar. Producing for the automotive industry requires specific quality standards to be met. The Else Group achieves this.

Motor for knowledge and innovation
The automotive industry is a motor for knowledge and innovation. New features for safety, performance and design follow in quick succession. As a supplier of components to this industry, it is important to keep up with such developments and to continue delivering the highest quality. This has implications for staff training, the use of specific techniques and process optimisation.

Quality management is part of our business strategy
At the Else Group, we are on top in this respect. Quality management is an integral part of our overall business strategy. We are constantly looking for improvements that the different parts of the group can contribute to. Together, we monitor and optimise our business processes so that we can always meet our customers’ needs. Together, as the as Else Group, we are 100% responsible for our projects, from the concept, the design and engineering to mould construction, production, assembly and inventory management.