For a cream cheese manufacturer, Else Group has developed a closable piping nozzle for making attractive garnishings in cream cheese. This innovative piping nozzle is hygienic and easy to use, even at low temperatures.

Precise measurements are important for hygiene and quality
The engineers of ProProduct (partner of Else Group) have assisted the cream cheese manufacturer in the further design of the different parts of the piping nozzle, including an easily removable seal with tab, a hygienic closing cap and the nozzle itself. In order to safeguard the quality of the product, the different parts must be an exact fit, which is why it is important that the measurements are precise. Based on the technical drawings, three moulds have been made so that Else Plastics (partner of Else Group) can produce these parts by injection moulding. Moreover, a special production method has been developed that enables fully automated filling and sealing.